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Invite members either by: a) sharing a unique link/code in your school/PTA email,  b) by providing email addresses within Oroola, or c) via your school/PTA Facebook page. Parents  signup for free account.


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Unlike other social networks, Oroola's school-based community is private and does not track or broadcast your activity over the web. Parents can communicate with others, even in private, without sharing their personal contact information.


Oroola brings various community stake-holders interested in supporting education, in one place. PTA/parents/students can reach out to members from other local schools to share information or to find resources (e.g. high school volunteers) or to share common information related to their school district,  community, etc. Easily communicate and share with other schools in your district with just a few clicks

One-of-its-kind, school-based community platform dedicated to K-12 education

Oroola is 100% free for PTOs and shall always be, even premium features such as events, and group sign ups are free. 

Oroola is a modern communication platform, built specifically for parents and PTO/PTAs. Its ease-of-use helps maximize parent/student membership, collaboration, and engagement.   Invite and view members, assign moderators,  remove messages, or search and bookmark conversations for future reference. Easy handover of the community to future PTO/PTA members. 




Access to unique, free educational resources such as free webinars, teen career resources, articles and learning tools for parents and students. Click here to check out the free resources. 



Make volunteering and  involvement easier on parents by providing all tools in one place.  Instead of using a dozen of different tools and websites, you can now use Oroola for Events/Calendar, Membership Management, Moderator Management, Private/Group Chat, Group Signup, and much more. 


Our school already uses Yahoo groups for communication, how is Oroola different? 

Do PTA/parents have to see annoying advertisements in order to get this free offering ?

I have more questions not answered here, who can I reach out to 

What is the benefit of being able to communicate with members from other schools?

If you have further questions, please reach out to us at


How is Oroola different from other social networks such as Facebook?

Unlike a mailing list, which Yahoo Groups essentially is, Oroola's platform is built from scratch and dedicated to parents' needs. Members can communicate either in a group setting or in private without exposing their contact information. Oroola's platform is an ecosystem that helps PTA and schools to collaborate not just with parents but with other community members, thereby making it easy to recruit volunteers, raise funds from community businesses, etc. Moving your existing community from Yahoo Groups to Oroola is super easy - just copy and paste a URL into an email and all existing members will receive a unique link to sign up for your PTA group. Unlile Yahoo groups, Oroola provides all essential tools in one place - calendar, group signup, private chat, file and photo sharing and more. 

Oroola is private, meaning we don't publish or share any member activity outside of the community. Other social networks, such as Facebook, track users and user activities not only on their own website but throughout the internet. They track users on close to 100 data points (even in private groups), including user's job, household data, and several other pieces of information. Also Facebook uses automated algorithms to display information to members, which means information shared in your groups or on your FB page is not necessarily seen by all members in a timely manner; depending on users' activity and level of engagement,  some users may see the information in their feed, while others may not. Oroola is designed for maximum and efficient parent engagement

Knowledge and information is multiplied when shared, which means when parents/PTA share information across different schools, more useful information is generated that helps the community increase their learning opportunities and benefits everyone. Today, already many parents share information such as community events and educational resources, from one school group to another by re-posting the same information. Oroola makes it easy to share that same information with just a few clicks without the need for joining multiple school groups. 

No, not at all. We hate ads as much as you do. There are absolultey no annoying popup or any other kinds of ads showing up in your face or changing colors all over the screen, The offering is completely free without any kind of advertisement. 

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